Saturday, March 21, 2009

Start Watching the Real Estate Market: A Free Listing Website Set up Just for YOU!

Buyer's and Sellers!

If you're in Southern California...this post is for you!

Regardless of which category you fall into.....I have a system which will help you educate yourself on the real estate market you are actually IN! Unlike the major online search websites....this site will be geared to your specifications and give you real-time notifications of new listings, solds and pending sales. You no longer have to guess if a home price you see online is real! This comes directly from the MLS.

On this site...I will imput your search criteria. If you are a home seller...we will enter the comparable homes to the search. You can begin to watch home values....see all the homes that are currently listed and what the price is. You can see pictures and other important information as well. You can also go in and sort these listings, make comments, and even send them directly to me for more information.

This information comes directly from the Multiple Listing Service...the same system the realtors use...and so you will have the most current information available.

This is a link to a sample site...loaded with a Mission Viejo search. If you would like one for your specific needs....please email/call me and I'll set one up for you too!


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