Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello Buyer!!! Why It's OK to "Window Shop"

I call it "window shopping"! In the truest sense of the term, you are in fact shopping for windows...and doors...and floors...and kitchens...Ok, you get the point! In my business plan, I include time to take clients who are not ready/prepared to buy out to see homes and neighborhoods. This is not only first-time buyers....this market can be scary!

I think the industry as a whole now understands that buyers are more educated than ever. They use the Internet to do much of the research. Sure they can get a list of available homes and recent sales....but without the context of seeing these homes, this information is numbers. Drive-bys are helpful as well....but an afternoon spent with a Realtor looking at homes with the background information and comps is an education that can't be gained on the Internet.

I have a database full of these future buyers. I don't use the normal "drip" email system of sending 1 or 2 lisitings as they pop-up. I use a gateway is a sample site:

This site allows the future buyer to capture, sort, save and make notes on listings all in one place. These listings come directly from the MLS so nothing is missed. When you are "window shopping" this is a great way to start watching the market. You will be able to watch prices...are they going down? up? are there more listings that fit your criteria? less? This is great information!!! All in one place!

The Real Estate Market is changing every day...if you aren't ready to jump right now....find a Realtor to help you prepare! Go see a few homes, check out the neighborhoods and do some "window shopping."

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