Monday, January 19, 2009

Buyers!! Are you waiting? Sellers!! Are you scared?

We all know the answer to these questions is "YES." At least to some degree. Which is understandable! It also follows that many agents are seeing their leads slow down because the news is constantly telling the public how "desperate" agents are. Wow...a sales industry who's DESPERATE, that's going to get us lots of contact. :)

Well, all of the above might be true, but it leaves many potential....future...clients out in the dark. We at Great Western Realty Group are looking to the future, as well as the present. We are not just servicing the active, immediate buyer or seller. Our philosophy is that if we provide the future buyer or seller reliable information now, without pressure, they will come to us when they are ready to move. This takes an investment, and yes, some of those potential clients will use someone else. But perhaps they will remember us when they talk to friends, referrals are critical to real estate.

How are we providing this service? First our website!
Our website is full of the latest real estate information. We have a state-of-the-art search feature and many pages of information on such subjects as Down Payment Assistance, Loan Programs and low-down FHA loans, School information, Home Inspection tips. There is an easy submission form as well if you don't see the answer to your question.

Then, if you would like a powerful tool for watching the market directly from the MLS, we will set up a custom website for you linked to the MLS. You can give us your specific criteria and see new listings in real time as they hit the MLS. From this site, you can email us directly to ask questions, sort listings into favorites and possibilities, make your own notes and even reject homes that are wrong.

If you are a seller.....let's put a search on this site that best reflects your home. This can be the exact tract, or similar homes in your city. This allows you to watch the home prices and gives you valuable information about how the market is trending. Once we do list your home, you can continue to use this tool to keep abreast of new listings that are competing with your home.
Another way to service our future clients, we have agents available who can do some previewing with you. "Window Shopping" if you will. Why not go see some homes that are in your price range. See what is available now! You might be surprised as to what you can get! You might also find that the neighborhoods look different in person than they do on the internet, and then we can change your criteria.

Doing the right things all the time, providing excellent service without pressure....this is why our Great Western Realty Group members are continuing to thrive, even in this market. And by helping buyers and sellers prepare for the future, we are making sure we have educated clients for the upcoming markets.

Please contact us at for more information about our free websites!


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