Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Trouble? Upside Down in Equity? Don't be Afraid to call an Agent!

This is a scary time for many homeowners...and there are so many advertisements offering help....for a price. There is one free avenue for information, your real estate agent. Don't be afraid to call one!

Real estate agents are professionals in this industry and believe me, they are informed about the latest news. We are watching for new programs, new loan options, new modification options, trends in Short Sales and even Foreclosure statistics. And they will talk to you for free. We are not attorneys, we don't charge you a fee. If you trusted your agent to help you buy your home, call that person for help now.

During the lastest real estate boom there was an influx of new real estate agents, but many of them are gone. The ones who are here and thriving are the experienced agents who have built a reputation and have referrals. They understand that the relationship between client and agent is primary. This often means that they will not make any instant money by offering advice....but by servicing the client who needs help now, they are building their business. It's critical that we offer the best advice we have and build on the trust you have in us.

We can help you navigate through the loan modification process, help you find a legitimate company to help you, or perhaps advise you how to do it yourself. We can show you how to get a reduction in property taxes based on lower home values. We can give you information on the current prices in your neighborhood. We can recommend a loan officer for a good refinance. We can help you sell your house either with equity, or if necessary, as a short sale.

Real estate agents are a great resource for us! We were there when you needed us before, and we are there now.

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