Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Buy a Home in Mission Viejo, California

Beautiful Mission Viejo has been one of the most desirable family oriented cities since it was first built in the mid 1960s. As one of the very first master planned communities, Mission Viejo set the example for the surrounding cities with every park, school and shopping center designed well before they came into reality.

There are many reasons why families in particular love living in Mission Viejo. The first, and most important, is that it's a very safe city. In fact in 2007 it was named the safest city in the United States. Parents can feel comfortable allowing their children to play out front or walk to the park. During the summer months, you will find children running unsupervised in the parks and the lake, this has become obsolete in most cities of America.

Another big draw is the school districts and the extras they are able to offer the students. There are two school districts that service Mission Viejo, The Saddleback School District and Capistrano Valley School District. Both have excellent schools and many that have been awarded the title of California Distinguished School. Mission Viejo High School is well known for it's athletic programs, especially the football team, the Diablos. Many college and professional players received their start in Mission Viejo.

Capistrano Valley School District also offers wonderful opportunities for students. One such opportunity is the ability to participate in their music program. All elementary schools in the district offer bands and orchestras as early as 4th grade. By the time the students are in middle school there are even more classes available. In fact, Newhart Middle School employs two full time music teacher and have 6 different music classes. There is also a Jazz Band that meets as an extra curricular class after school.

Any discussion of Mission Viejo must include extra curricular sports. Most families participate in at least one after school sports club. There are basketball leagues, Pop Warner Football and of course, AYSO soccer. In addition the world reknown Mission Viejo Nadadores Swim Team has produced Olympic Gold Medalists and any child interested in competitive swimming would find the facilities exceptional. The swim center also offers many swimming instruction classes and beginning swim teams through the Swim America clubs.

Finally, perhaps the most beautiful feature of Mission Viejo is the Lake. Lake Mission Viejo is a private lake open only to residents and their guests. There are two beach areas, one that is open all year. There are free concerts and movies in the summer, white sand beaches with lifeguards, and boats to rent. The association stocks the lake throughout the year with trout and bass and hosts fishing contests. There are also quite areas where you can fish year round.

During the summer and school holidays, the Mission Viejo Lake Association offers day programs including Junior Life Guards, sports programs and basic "hanging at the lake." They also organize special day trips to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and other Southern California places of fun. The lake also offers enrichment classes year round, such as Mommy and Me, Adult Yoga, Intro to Basketball for Elementary Students...etc. And the best part? The Mission Viejo Lake Association dues are only $222/year, not a month, a YEAR.

We hope this has given you some understanding of the quality of life you and your family can find in Mission Viejo. Please contact a Great Western Realty agent to help you begin your home search in this special family city.

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